Iceland Discovery - 8 Days



  • There’s a lot more to Iceland than ice (and Bjork). Ford the fjords, glaciers, volcanoes and black sand beaches, and consider adding on a visit to the renowned Blue Lagoon for a soak in the geothermal springs.
  • Spend the evening at the quirky farm town of Modrudalur – an isolated settlement and the highest inhabited place in Iceland.
  • Walk to the mottled blue, grey and black tongue of Vatnajokull glacier – an ice cap so large it covers eight per cent of the country – and discover the incredible Skogafoss Waterfall.
  • Glide past bluewhite icebergs on an included boat tour of Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon and soak up the silence of the surrounding grey sand desert.

Starting and ending in Reykjavik, the Iceland Discovery trip is a guided adventure tour that takes 8 days. You will travel through Egilsstadir, Modrudalur, Skaftafell and 5 other destinations in Iceland. Iceland Discovery is a small group trip which includes accommodation in guesthouses, transport, meals and others.

Travel to Iceland and delve into the ancient tales of Vikings and volcanoes on this eight-day adventure to its heartlands. Marvel at geothermal hot springs, witness the steamy eruptions of a giant geyser, touch the tongue of Europe’s biggest glacier at Vatnajokull and cruise the Jokulsarlong Glacial Lagoon, see lava that’s still warm after decades and witness the giant Skogafoss and Detifoss waterfalls in all their splendour. Travel through Iceland’s isolated corners and the land of the famous Blue Lagoon – so mysterious and ethereal that they have inspired artists, poets and musicians for centuries. Plus, with a local leader on hand to answer any questions and get you from place to place, you’ll be cruising around this icy isle in no time.

Day 1

Hallo! Welcome to Iceland. The world’s northernmost capital of Reykjavik lies just below the Arctic Circle. The city sees around four hours of sunlight a day in winter and 22 hours or more in summer. Surrounded by volcanic peaks and crystalline ocean, and boasting a vibrant arts and nightlife scene, Reykjavik’s contrasts are utterly beguiling. Why not arrive early and head to the National Museum, which depicts the history of Iceland from the 9th century (when the first Vikings from mainland Scandinavia arrived and settled) to the present day, or join locals who gossip and chatter in the Laugardalslaug Geothermal Pool.

Day 2

Make an early start to beat the crowds on the ‘Golden Circle’ route. Head first to Thingvellir National Park, home to the Parliament Plains and location of Iceland’s first parliament. Thingvellir also contains the Silfra fissure, where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates slowly pull apart. The resulting gap is partly filled with fresh water and is clearly visible. From here head to the Geysir geothermal area, checking out the Strokkur Geyser – get a thrill as the geyser swells with blue water before erupting and shooting a cloud of water some 20-30 metres in the air. Be spellbound by the immense beauty and sheer power of the Gullfoss (Golden) double waterfall on the Hvita River, before proceeding to a remote farm the Hvolsvollur region. Since the arrival of the first settlers to Iceland, deforestation has taken place in order to make space for pastures. Join the effort to counteract this and head out into the hills surrounding the property to plant trees. Later, pay a visit to the immense Seljandsfoss waterfall, where a you can trek behind the 65-metre high cascade showers moss covered rock. In the evening, get cooking with your group for a self-catered dinner at our guesthouse.

Day 3

Begin the day with a visit to the breathtaking Skogafoss waterfall. At 25-metres wide with a 60-metre drop, this waterfall roars. You can feel it’s power up close with an hour-long walk up a windy set of stairs up to a stunning viewpoint. The black sands and bizarre, rectangular rock formations of Reynisfjara are up next. Then, travel to Skaftafell National Park, where you have the option to traverse the mottled blue, grey and black face of Svinafellsjokull, one of the tongues of Vatnajokull. If you would prefer, you can take a visit to the Skaftafell Visitor Centre and the Skaftafell Glacier Lagoon, where icebergs jut from the still water. Cap off a busy day by cruising between jagged icebergs in an included boat tour of Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. From here it is not far to our overnight stay, picturesquely located on another lagoon sheltered by a black sandbar.

Day 4

Take a scenic drive along the rugged coast of the East Fjord’s, making stops along the way. Enjoy spectacular views of high mountains, deep fjords, spectacular waterfalls, glaciers, and quaint fishing villages. Make stops along the way at small but notable towns like Faskrudsfjordur, where historical ties have resulted in street signs written in French. Stop at the wooded village of Egilsstadir, home to the mythic Lagarfljot Wyrm – a serpentine monster that allegedly lives in the lake the town sits beside. You’ll have a free evening to do as you please in this charming little spot, perhaps head out for dinner in town – local specialties include reindeer and mushrooms.

Day 5

Journey further through this black and green wonderland, making a stop in Seydisfjordur, a bohemian and quirky town filled with multi-coloured houses that sit beaneath steep, towering mountains. Continue along mountain roads into the Icelandic interior and the highland village of Modrudalur. At 469 metres (1,539 feet) above sea level, Modrudalur Valley is the highest inhabited place in Iceland, and snow can be seen almost year round. You’ll arrive around lunchtime, and the rest of the day is free for you to explore the surrounding countryside. Make sure you visit the farm’s church, built in 1949 by farmer Jon Adalsteinn Stefansson in memory of his wife. Its inner decorations and altarpiece were made by him as well. As a relatively flat valley, it’s the perfect place to break out your hiking shoes. Various nature walks are marked throughout the area, with wide panoramas, deafening silence and majestic Mount Herdubreid looming in the distance.

Day 6

From Modrudalur you will drive to the magnificent Dettifoss waterfall, Europe’s mightiest waterfall. It’s so powerful that the vibrations can be felt in the nearby rocks. The falls are 100-metres wide, with a 45-metre drop down into the craggy shores of Jokulsargljufur canyon below. Then, continue to Lake Myvatn, where recent and old volcanic activity has shaped the landscapes of the area, making it one of the most interesting geological regions in the northern hemisphere. Watch steam rise from the red, sulphuric terrain of Namaskard and its hard to believe you’re on Earth and not Mars. Take a walk around the lava stacks and caves of Dimmuborgir and then observe the massive pseudo craters of Skutustadir. If you like, you can even take a soak in the hot blue waters of the Myvatn Nature Baths. Later, enjoy an included dinner at your guesthouse for the evening, nearby Narfastadir.

Day 7

This morning, drive to the impressive Godafoss waterfall (the Waterfall of the Gods). It’s said that into this 30-metre-wide, gently curving waterfall, a pagan priest symbolically threw the idols of the Norse gods in the year 1,000, signifying Christianity becoming Iceland’s official religion. From Godafoss continue on to Akureyri. Situated at the head of Iceland’s longest fjord, Akureyri is the nation’s second largest city. Embark on a short guided tour of the town, taking in the striking church and other local sights. If you’re travelling between May and December, you might have the option to partake in a whale watching excursion. Otherwise, there is plenty more to see, including museums and botanical gardens. In the afternoon, journey on to Gauksmyri, where you’ll spend the night.

Day 8

Continue your journey into Snaefellsnes National Park, home to the magnificent Snaefellsjokull Glacier, which played a starring role in Jules Verne’s 1864 novel ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’. Ditch your luggage at your family-run guesthouse and then head to the basaltic pebble beach Djupalonssandur. Visit a rural church and the white beach at Budir, and Arnarstapi, where a short stroll along the coastal cliffs exposes you to rich bird life and other wonders of nature. If you’d like, you could bath in the natural pools of Lysuholslaug (open seasonally only), or perhaps explore the land on horseback with a short ride around Lysuholl. In the evening, you may wish to partake in a cooking class, learning the art of Icelandic fare.


  • Guesthouse & Farm Stay (7 nights)


  • 6 Breakfast, 2 Dinner


  • Private minibus with free Wi-Fi


  • Hvolsvollur Valley – Responsible Travel Tree Planting Activity
  • Seljalandsfoss – Waterfall Visit
  • Golden Circle – Strokkur Geysir
  • Golden Circle – Gullfoss Waterfall
  • Golden Circle – Thingvellir National Park
  • Skogafoss – Waterfall Visit
  • South Coast – Rocks of Reynisfjara
  • East Fjords – Scenic Drive with Stops at Djupivogur & Egilsstadir
  • Jokulsarlon – Glacier Lagoon Boat Tour
  • Myvatn – Namaskard Boiling Mud Pools, Dimmuborgir & Skutustadir Crater Group
  • Dettifoss – Waterfall Visit
  • Myvatn – Lake Myvatn
  • Godafoss – Waterfall Visit
  • Akureyri – Walking Tour
  • Snaefellsnes National Park
  • Any international flights to/from Reykjavik are not included in this price. We always recommend that you arrive 1 day prior to your tour starting date.
  • Travel insurance is not included in this Iceland Discovery tour. Travel insurance is mandatory to buy.

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