Travelling Expo team is certified team and it also comes in certified World travel Agents and we are being Successfully completed more than 4000 trips till now we just landed in the year 2019 in Canada as well as world and many more trips will be accomplished by us .... so dont waste time feel free to conatct us on designing your next vacation with us all over the world .

From the Desk Of CEO Of Travel Agent

Travelling Expo is being In coperated by me on 26th January 2019 and it has two directors we are being operating since last 2 years till now we have been working in 42 + Destination all over the Globe in all the continents like Europe , North America , South America , Asia & Pacific Region. We work with Different DMC Travel Company in respective countries (where we operates ) and we are specialized in Luxurious packages as well as adventure packages . and till now 60 + Team members are their in our team all over the globe and we also have services in Canada of hotels with ASSOCIATION OF HOTEL CANADA and we also operates in our services like Flights in which we partner with them so that we can provide you flight booking as well as visa services from our parent company VISELIO . 4200 + Happy customers till now and looking forward to serve you .

(Owner and Founder of Travelling Expo , TENZ & TEBR and Active member of PATA)

Edward Dsouza

Director of TECA


Manager of Europe Operations

Daniel Christ

Director of TECA

Alie Cheavlier

Manager of North America Operations

Tanny Rose

operation manager of Aisa & Pacific

Sheila Natale

Manager of south America Operations

Dareen Lima

Manager of south Africa Operations

Behind The Faces of TECA!

These are the people who work for different travel Agencies in respective countries  and we have partner with different travel DMC Company  iall over the world  so this are the people who work for them and indirectly they also work for us in designing the packages and in many other things  so this are the people who will be never communicated  with you so this people remains  are the behind faces of TECA Team !..

Travelling Expo