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Travelling Expo team is certified team and it also comes in certified World travel Agents and we are being Successfully completed more than 4250trips till now we just landed in the year 2019 in Canada as well as world and many more trips will be accomplished by us .... so dont waste time feel free to conatct us on designing your next vacation with us all over the world.


(CEO  & Founder of Travelling EXPO)

From the Desk of Chief Executive Officer
Travelling EXPO is online Authorize travel company and its main hub is in Canada. The specialty of this Amazing team is that all the managerial positions are held by the Generation Z. Travelling EXPO have many contracts with Local Agencies in the Respective Countries. We have title of America-Pacific Travel, Canada Travel Authorization and Latin America Travel Specialist. As you know during this difficult time we had faced many hardships but by god grace we are running now also. Till now travelling Expo managed to serve more than 4200 + customers and we are looking forward to serve more clients. All our clients story you can check on our Traveler story section. Our Owner and founder is also active in the Travel Industry. He holds some of the Active titles In Pacific- North Travel Association. and his Identical number is NAPATACA896745. while he is an also active member of Latin America Travel Association his identical number is LACA896534290. Beside that he is considered to be very young to hold the position of owner. Hope you will keep enjoying travelling with travellingexpo all over the globe.
From the Desk of Director
Travelling EXPO team has two directors who look after functioning of the company while their are four Head managers in the Respective Destinations. Directors are the active member of Latin America Travel Association and their Id is :LACA896423189 and managers have certified travel agent regulation certificate in their resepctive destination.

Our Special Travel Agent Team

Make your travel Experience still better with us.

Our Department Representstive

Traveling EXPO team has 12 Departments and shown members are the representative of the following Departments


These are the people who work for different travel Agencies in respective countries and we have partner with different travel DMC Company iall over the world so this are the people who work for them and indirectly they also work for us in designing the packages and in many other things so this are the people who will be never communicated with you so this people remains are the behind faces of TECA Team !..

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