Our Story

 Why we started this business?

As some of the management levels were found of Travelling, and they were simultaneously learning digital marketing concepts they started to practice it online, and they got all the leads for the business, as one day they taught we that we won’t be able to Satisfy our dreams, so later after surfing on Net we came to know about online running a business like E-commerce, but as you know it was common nowadays, and they decided to do something Unique, so after all the research they came to know about that nowadays travel company and agency run online due to lack of capital. So we decided to let’s hit on this. now it’s time to see where the company should be incorporated, after researching everything, we came to know that Canada is very welcoming to all types of business, so later we did all the legal Formalities and finally Incorporated our Business on 26 January 2019.

Where is the Company Located & Registered?

As you know in Canada, there are two ways of Regulations to be followed – Federal Incorporation, or Provinces Incorporation. So after all the research than we decided to let’s initially co-operate our business in Ontario Province. and later getting all the Information from our leads we decided to Incorporate the business in Ottawa Ontario Canada.

Bounded with how many Legalities?

The Travelling EXPO team is bounded with many legalities for now:-

  1. Tourism Industry Association of Canada.
  2. Tourism Industry Council of Ontario.
  3. Australia Tourism Board.
  4. USA Tourism Board.
  5. European Tourism Council.
  6. South America Tourism Industry Association.
  7. Africa- middle east Asia Tourism Association.

Travelling EXPO Registration

Travelling Expo  is formed by name Travelling Expo and it is formed as Travel Company under International Travel Company in Canada and the firm was registered under all the laws of Canada, by 26 th Jan  2019, and it was formed by four Head managers and seven Backhand operation manager and we are total 60  Members now in Team.


Travelling Expo  has many aims in the future, one of the Aim is to be registered as an MNC Travel Business with more than 5000 + members, and all the hubs should be established in  as well as in  Mexico & America so that we can have a hub all over the North American Continent


Travelling Expo  has many services like E-Mail services, Live chat support, Clients Accounts as well as phonic calls too so all these are managed by the Support Department of Travelling expo  & Bookings Department of Travelling Expo 

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