Frequently Asked Questions

Latest updated by 22 December 2020


How many days it takes to make your Booking Confirm?

As we would like to say that it is totally depend on your Booking date time and Id we confirm your booking in the( process of first come first serve ) but gradually it takes 48-72 Hours for Confirming your Booking with us

Can you Generate New Payment Id after getting Expire ?

Yes , you can generate new payment ID with our team

In how many days you have to make Payment?

As you know as you book package with us our team generate booking Id and send you mail on Registered mail Id , and after that our team contacts you on your Registered mail Id and send you mail to make payment in the bank so that time our time mentioned the last date and time for making payment so it is depend on your bookings.

Can we make payment after Expiring Your date &Time?

No , you cant make payment to us after that because the Payment Id gets expire and if you make payment to us that its your fault not from our side gradually we don t accept any payment after expire date and time but in Certain cases we may Accept ( Based on Genuine Reason) and decision is lend in the hands of booking Department

Who can Create Accounts On Travelling Expo site ?

All can create but gradually we want to say that the one who had or will be travelling with us should create Accounts.

Can you cancel your Trip

Yes you can cancel your trip but it should be always 60 Days before from your Departure Date .

Can you cancel trip before 15 days before your Departure Date?

Yes you can cancel your Trip but you will be not refunded any Amount .

If we don t meet the requirements for refund can we apply ?

No you cant apply but in certain cases log a refund process with us decision will be made by Booking Department only.

Do you use Third party website ?

Yes , we use third party website , so before going to that check its policies.

Our Data is Secure ?

Yes , your personal details are secure with us and it is only let with Booking Department .

How many Days it takes to get your Refund money ?

It gradually takes up to 2-3 Months but in some cases it may go to 4 Months.

How much you have to pay in your first payment ?

You have to pay 60 % of total package price

When you have to pay your second payment ?

You have to pay before 60 days from your arrival date to your Home country .

How much Money is deducted in Refund

40 % of your package price as well as taxes and foreign exchange rates may affect your refund Amount.

When you received your Travel Vouchers?

when your second payment is paid successfully that time you receive your travel Voucher.

If Your question answer is not Found here than feel free to contact our support department through mail