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We the member of Travelling Expo  has landed to Canadian market in 2019 we started our Company by 26 January 2019 . We have been accepted by Ontario Tourism Council , Canada Tourism Board and By Tourism Industry Association of Canada . This firm is being made by Khush who is all the owner of Travelling Expo Firm. All the Travel specialist in this firm Young Members of all over the globe ….. Travelling expo  had partnered up with various travel agencies in respective countries  too. All the packages are Flexible of TECA all our tours are being designed as per clients design…. so travel world with TECA! and looking forward to serve more clients

How Actually We Work

1., Select your package

Now , you have to select your package based on our Choice and after selecting you have completed your First step of Booking

2., Book the Package

Now ,you have to fill booking form with us and send it to us till now second step is not completed after that our support department will give send you message that now your booking can go for further process than you have to make payment online or Bank Transfer after this second step gets completed

3., Time for Paying second Installment

Now , its time to pay your remaining Package price to us after getting confirmed by us you will be receiving all your travel vouchers and you are good to travel world with us .

How Actually We Work

All our packages are being certified by ontario tourism council board if you book with us then our TECA team member will contact you for your completion of Booking and after payment first step of our work is Completed .

Then comes the second stage of our working as soon as we get your booking we will book your meal , stay , vehicle and other activities too ….after that when you begin your trip we will let our respective agency to look forward to your trip( we allot your trip to local respective city travel agency to take care of your trip in their city ) this way we actually work

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