May 9, 2021
Dubrovnik is Croatia’s indisputable hotspot, but the rest of the country is rich with wonders waiting to be discovered. Here is a glimpse of Dubrovnik, as well as lesser known but still spectacular spots beyond its medieval walls. Dalmatia The world seems to spin a little slower along the coast and on the islands between...
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When you picture Croatia, chances are you’re thinking of Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian Coast first. But this popular area is only one of the country’s five regions, each one of them worth a trip on its own. From mountains and national parks to beaches and islands, from cities to tiny villages, here’s where (and when)...
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Are you into water sports? Visit Croatia from June to September when the Adriatic Sea is warm. Do you want to hire a guide and his dog to go truffle-hunting or join a grape harvest in Istria? The season for that is autumn. Whether you’re itching to hike up Istria’s Mount Ucka or just inhale...
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