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baja California sur

Baja California Sur is a state on the Baja California Peninsula in northwest Mexico. The state capital, La Paz, has the Whale Museum and a promenade overlooking the Gulf of California. Nearby Espíritu Santo Island has dive sites and beaches. South are the twin resorts of Los Cabos: Cabo San Lucas is known for its beaches, nightlife and El Arco rock arch while San José del Cabo city has colorful colonial architecture.

                        Basic Information ℹ️ 

Country:- MĂ©xico ??
State :- Baja California Sur
Largest city :- La Paz
Capital :- La Paz
Postal code :- 23
Municipalities:- 5
Flag :- El Acuario Del Mundo
National Anthem:-  Himno_a_Quintana_Roo
HDI Rank :-
 0.811 Very High Ranked 2nd of 32
Location :- Baja California Sur 
GDP :-
US$ 3.968 billion 
Currency :-  Mexican Peso
Time Zone Estern Time Zone /zona sureste 

Sightseeing In Baja California Sur ??:- 

  • The Arch of Cabo San Lucas
  • Cabo Pulmo National Park
  • Balandra Beach
  • Lovers Beach
  • Magdalena Bay
  • Playa del Amor
  • El VizcaĂ­no Biosphere Reserve
  • San Ignacio Lagoon
  • Sierra de la Laguna
  • Ojo de Liebre Lagoon
  • Wild Canyon Adventures
  • Marina Cabo San Lucas
  • Playa El Medano
  • Playa El Chileno
  • Divorce Beach
  • Santa Maria Bay & Public Beach
  • Lands End
  • La Palmilla
  • Quivira Golf Club
  • Sierra de la Giganta
  • Finisterra
  • Cerritos Beach
  • Playa Palmilla
  • Chileno
  • Playa Santa MarĂ­a
  • Mt. Solmar
  • Dolphin Discovery Los Cabos
  • El Dorado Golf & Beach Club
  • Art Walk
  • Quivira Los Cabos
  • Isla San Francisco
  • Cactus Tours

TOP 10 Best sightseeing In Baja California Sur ??:- 

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas

Arch of Cabo San Lucas

The arch of Cabo San Lucas, is Located in a Baja California sur and a distinctive rock formation at the southern tip of Cabo San Lucas, which is itself the extreme southern end of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. The arch is locally known as El Arco. It is here that the Pacific Ocean becomes the Gulf of California

Location :- Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Website :-

Lovers Beach

Lovers Beach

Lovers beach is located in Baja California Sur .Once known as Playa de Doña Chepa, Lover’s Beach or Playa de los Amantes,  is another must, but to get to this hidden cove you’ll need some kind of floating transportation. Easiest is to hire a water taxi at the marina. The captain will take you on an informative tour of the diving areas around the arch (El Arco), point out Lover’s Beach, then go around the popular point for a wonderful view of the dramatic area where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. We suggest you pack a lunch of your choice, some water and plan on spending the better part of the day enjoying Lover’s Beach and the striking wind and water shaped rock formations. Ask your skipper to come back for you at a pre-determined time…all for one price. Be most careful here, the powerful waves and currents of the Pacific make swimming quite dangerous. Swimming and snorkeling should only be attempted on the Sea of Cortez side of Lover’s Beach.

Cabo Pulmo National Park

Cabo pulmo National park

Cabo plump National park is located in Baja California Sur .Cabo Pulmo National Park is a national marine park on the east coast of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, spanning the distance between Pulmo Point and Los Frailes Cape, approximately 100 kilometres north of Cabo San Lucas in the Gulf of California

Location:-Centro, 23570 La Ribera, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Official site :-

Contact No :-+52 624 130 0195

Wild Canyon Adventures

Wild Canyon Adventures

Wild Canyon Adventures is Located in Baja California Sur .Top tours in Los Cabos, Ziplines, camel rides, ATV, bungee, sling winger, and hanging bridges!’

Location :-Carretera Federal Libre Transpenisular Cabo San Lucas- San José del Cabo KM, 19.5, Cabo Real, 23405 San José del Cabo, B.C.S., Mexico

Official site :-

Contact No :- +52 624 144 4433

Marina Cabo San Lucas

Marina cabo san Lucas

Marina Cabo San Lucas Located in Baja California Sur .Must visit if you are going to Cabo San Lucas , they did a great job with the number and diversity of the stores there , many many different amazing Restaurants specially if you are a seafood lover like my self . Many different activities from trips for whale watching to play with the sea lion beside their world famous Marlin fishing trips . Beautiful yachts are every where which is a treat by it self . No loud music or drunk people which makes it a perfect get away for the entire family .

Location:-Blvd. Paseo de la Marina Centro, El Medano Ejidal, Marina, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico

Contact No :-+52 624 173 9140

Quivira Golf Club

Quivira Golf Club

Quivira Golf club is Located in Baja California Sur .The  appetizer is great and so is the main course, portion is huge. The beef tartar appetizer had lots of strip of beef which is unusual but very tender. We sat outside and was very pleasant but beware lots of cats roaming around. The staff doing a good job to shoo them away and they only appear at night, we were there for breakfast and didn’t see any but for dinner they were at least six or more cats there.

Location:-Mexico, Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico

Official site :-

Contact No :- +52 800 966 0606

Art walk 

Art walk

Art walk is located in Baja California Sur .Great way to see the cultural side of San Jose and all the beautiful work local artists create! I really enjoyed the mix of more popular artists opening their doors, while new and less recognized artists propping up in the square. Great ambiance and friendly people. Superb date night idea!!

Location:-Alvaro Obregon 20, centro, 23400 San José del Cabo, B.C.S., Mexico

Official site :-

Contact No :-+52 1 624 122 4865

Cathedral of La Paz, Baja California Sur

Cathedral of La Paz

Cathedral of La Paz Located in Baja California Sur .The Our Lady of Peace Cathedral Also La Paz Cathedral Is a Catholic temple that serves as the seat of the Diocese of La Paz. It is located in the center of the city of La Paz, Baja California Sur in western Mexico. It is located in the place where the mission was founded by the Jesuits in the eighteenth century. 

Location:-RevoluciĂłn de 1910 S/N, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico

Contact No :-+52 612 122 0208

Cactus Tours

Cactus Tour of La Paz

Cactus tour is over Baja California Sur .We rented their biggest and fastest ATV and sprung for the individual guided tour. Ask for Sergio if you take the guided tour, he made sure we got the most of our excursion. We had a blast riding on trails and beaches for about 3 hours putting on over 50 miles. Well worth the additional expense!

Location:-Carretera Federal 19 km. 99.5 Poblado el Migriño, 23597 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico

Official site :-

Contact No :-+52 33 4170 8171

Frank Arnold Gallery

Frank Arnold Gallery

Franks Gallery is Located in Baja California Sur .Frank’s Gallery is a must-see on your stop in San Jose. Come for Thursday night Art Walk for great music, free tequila samples in Frank’s gallery, and great conversation.

Location:-1137 Calle Comonfort, 23400 San José del Cabo, B.C.S., Mexico

Official site :-

Contact No :-+52 55 9301 1148

There are three international airports in Baja California Sur ??:-

La Paz MMLP LAP Manuel Márquez de León International Airport
Loreto MMLT LTO Loreto International Airport
San José del Cabo MMSD SJD Los Cabos International Airport
Cabo San Lucas MMSL CSL Cabo San Lucas International Airpor

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