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Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is one of eastern Canada’s Maritime provinces on the Atlantic. Consisting of a peninsula and offshore islands, it’s home to puffins and seals, and popular for water sports like kayaking. The Bay of Fundy, with its famously extreme tides, is a whale-watching destination. Halifax, the capital, dominated by the star-shaped Citadel, is known for its lively waterfront and Victorian-era Public Gardens.

Sightseeing in Nova Scotia ?? :-

  • Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
  • Halifax Public Gardens
  • Annapolis Valley
  • Point Pleasant Park
  • Skyline Trail
  • Cabot Trail
  • Halifax Harbour
  • Alexander Graham Bell National
  • Cape Chignecto Provincial Park
  • Grand-Pré National Historic Site
  • Peggy’s Point Lighthouse
  • Downtown Halifax
  • Fort Anne National Historic Site
  • Oak Island
  • Cape Split
  • Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
  • McNabs Island
  • Blomidon Provincial Park
  • Halifax Waterfront
  • Harbour Hopper Tours
  • Port-Royal National Historic Site
  • Shubie Park
  • Burntcoat Head Park
  • Uisge Ban Falls Provincial Park
  • Oaklawn Farm Zoo
  • Martock
  • Casino Nova Scotia

Top 10 Best Sightseeing In Nova Scotia ??

Cabot Trail

Cabot Trail

Cabot trial is located in Nova  scotia A 300-kilometer scenic drive rings the northwest coast of Cape Breton Island and Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It is a coastal route, where the highest mountains in Nova Scotia dramatically meet the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Cliffs, beaches, viewpoints, and a twisting road give countless photo opportunities, and this is a very popular motorcycle tour route.

Many small communities and attractions line the route, including a variety of local artisans and unique shops. Hiking is one of the popular things to do. There are also many excellent hiking trails, and tourists can either hike on their own or hire a local guide to show them the best spots.

Cabot Trail unofficially begins and ends in Baddeck, home to the father of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell. Autumn is a favorite time to drive the Cabot Trail owing to the region’s vibrant fall colors.

Location: Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Peggy’s Cove

Peggy‘s Cove

Peggys cove is located in Nova Scotia About 43 kilometers southwest of Halifax, the fishing village of Peggy’s Cove has a back-in-time feel. Peggy’s Point Lighthouse, one of Canada’s most photographed lighthouses, sits on the foggy Atlantic Coast marking a perilous point. Stark, wave-battered granite bluffs surround the lighthouse, and tourists should exercise extreme caution if exploring the rocky shoreline. Fishing wharves and boathouses line the shore of this active fishing community, and colorful heritage homes and art galleries line the winding road.

This is an extremely popular day-trip destination from Halifax, so be prepared for crowds of tourists, especially near the lighthouse.

Accommodation: Where to Stay near Peggy’s Cove

Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

Fortress of Louisbourg

Fortress of Louisburg is located in Nova Scotia The Fortress of Louisburg National Historic Site is a living history museum, which recreates mid-18th century fort life with more than forty historic buildings, costumed guides, and working establishments. Rebuilt on the site of a 1713 French fort, enormous defensive walls surround the town, some of which were up to 35 feet thick when constructed.

The reconstructed site is now filled with a cast of costumed interpreters who go about daily life, from domestic to military. Visitors can watch servants cook and taste authentic hot chocolate and fresh baked bread, see the merchants hawk their wares, and feel the ground shake as soldiers fire the cannon and their muskets.

Tourists looking for a more immersive experience can choose to spend the night here in a reproduction tent or period home — a truly unique experience for couples looking for a memorable romantic getaway.

Address: 259 Park Service Road, Louisbourg, Nova Scotia

Official site:

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Cape Breton Highlands National park

 Cape Breton highlands National Park is Located in Nova Scotia The highest peaks in Nova Scotia are in Cape Breton Highlands National Park, which covers more than 950 square kilometers at the northern tip of Cape Breton Island. Both the coastline of beaches and cliffs and the inland forests and rivers tempt hikers, campers, and families to explore the park. Wildlife watching is excellent in the national park, with moose, beaver, eagles, and deer often visible from the Cabot Trail scenic drive, which partially cuts through the park.

The park is also home to Skyline Trail, a scenic route laid out in an easy-to-walk wooden boardwalk path. Overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence, visitors can spot whales below while enjoying panoramic views of the rugged coastline.

The small Acadian town of Chéticamp lies just outside park boundaries.

Location: Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Official site:

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Halifax citadel

Halifax citadel National Historic site is located in Nova scotia.Overlooking downtown Halifax, this hilltop fortress is the remnant of a British garrison that was first established in the 18th-century. Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, which itself was built in 1856, never saw a battle.

Today, the warren-like tunnels, powder magazine, and barracks have been preserved, and living-history guides give tours. There are reenactments and fortress guards with interpreters dressed in British reds, complete with musket salutes and the sound of bagpipes.

The road leading up Citadel Hill is popular for its city and harbor views, and it passes the Old Town Clock, which Prince Edward commissioned in 1803.

Address: 5425 Sackville Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Official site:

Accommodation: Where to Stay in Halifax: Best Areas and Hotels

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Maritime museum

Maritime museum is located in Nova Scotia.The exhibits and displays at this museum bring the maritime history of the province and the North Atlantic to life, showing visitors the role the sea has played in all facets of local life. Using photographs and personal tales of survivors, excellent multi-media exhibits chronicle the 1917 collision of two ships in the harbor, which caused the Halifax explosion.

Museum collections include more than two hundred model ships, from old sailing craft to ocean liners, freighters, and naval ships. Another part of the museum is in an old ship chandlery, where items were bought to outfit ships for sea. There is also an extensive exhibit on the recovery efforts after the Titanic sank, Halifax being instrumental in rescue operations. On display are items found on the sea during rescue and later recovered, telling the tale of the ship and the people on board.

Also part of the museum are several craft moored in Halifax Harbour, including Queen Victoria’s Royal Barge, a gift to the museum by Queen Elizabeth II. Another historically significant ship is the HMCS Sackville, a corvette class known for bouncing around like a cork in heavy seas, which saw duty during the Battle of the Atlantic in the convoys that kept Britain alive. CSS Acadia is also open for touring as part of museum admission; it’s now retired after long years of service in the Arctic and North Atlantic, charting the ocean floor.

Address: 1675 Lower Water Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Official site:

Halifax Harbour

Halifax Harbour

Halifax Harbour is Located in Nova Scotia A boardwalk lines the Halifax Harbour, leading from Pier 21 Museum and the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market in the south along to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and restaurants. Tugs, sailboats, and navy vessels come and go, and the views look out to Dartmouth across the harbor and Georges Island mid-channel.

This is where you will find the ferry to Dartmouth, as well as plentiful choices if you want to take a sightseeing cruise in the harbor or go whale-watching. Near the ferry terminal, you can find a group of restored heritage buildings and a pedestrian area, which is lively both day and night, full of restaurants that often feature live maritime bands and always offer the freshest of seafood.



Lüneburg is Located in Nova Scotia .Brightly colored heritage buildings dot the hilly Lunenburg townscape, nearly three-quarters of which are the original structures from the 18th and 19th centuries. Many of these have been turned into inns and bed-and-breakfasts, and the community is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lunenburg’s legacy was established when it became an early shipbuilding center. The town’s most famous craft is the Bluenose schooner. Built here in 1921, the boat won many international races before sinking off the coast of Haiti. A replica, Bluenose II, is often in port, while other fishing vessels and a schooner can be seen at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic.

Along the waterfront, the port is still alive with vessels docking at the wharves and fishermen unloading the catch of the day.

Accommodation: Where to Stay in Lunenburg

Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

Canadians museum of immigration

Canadians museum of immigration is located in Nova Scotia .Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, Halifax

At one time, Pier 21 was the Canadian equivalent to Ellis Island, welcoming twenty percent of the nation’s immigrants from 1928 through 1971. Through permanent and changing exhibits, visitors can find out what it was like to travel across the ocean and arrive in a new country.

Many of the exhibits are hands-on, including the chance to actually dress in period costumes, go inside a replica ship, and explore the contents of trunks and crates to learn more about the lives of the immigrants who packed up their most valued possessions.

The museum also has extensive genealogical resources at the Scotiabank Family History Centre, where anyone can go to trace their own family’s immigration history free of charge.

Address: 1055 Marginal Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Official site:

Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens

Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens located in Nova Scotia .The Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens is one of the finest show gardens in North America, with 10 acres of beautifully planned and expertly executed historical and horticultural beds. The Rose Garden has two thousand bushes set among paths with green lawns, and the Governor’s Garden is planted in the style and with the plants of the 1740s.

In a separate section are demonstration plots for current techniques and plants, and there is a winter garden where the plants are chosen for a bark, stem shape, or form that makes them attractive in the winter. On the back side of the garden, the path looks out over the banks of the river. The gardens are a popular place for weddings, so you may have to sidestep around a happy couple and beaming parents.

Another top historic attraction in Annapolis Royal is the Fort Anne National Historic Site, originally built by the French in 1643 and taken over by the British in the 1750s. While the only remaining buildings are an 18th-century gunpowder magazine and officers barracks, the impressive walls and ramparts are substantially intact.

Address: 441 St. George Street, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Official site:

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