Northwest Territories ??

The Northwest Territories of Canada include the regions of Dehcho, North Slave, Sahtu, South Slave and Inuvik. Their remote landscape encompasses forest, mountains, Arctic tundra and islands in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Dehcho’s Nahanni National Park Reserve centers around the canyons of the South Nahanni River and 90m-high Virginia Falls. The regional capital, Yellowknife, is on the north shore of Great Slave Lake.

Sightseeing in Northwest Territories Canada ??:-

  • Nááts’įhch’oh National Park
  • Norman Wells Historical Centre
  • North Arm Territorial Park
  • Franklin Mountains
  • Cli Lake
  • The Legislative Assembly of The Northwest Territories.
  • Powder Point Territorial Park Day Use Area
  • Fort Smith Star Park & Observatory
  • Midnight Sun Mosque مسجد
  • Tuktut Nogait National Park
  • Latham Island 
  • Little Doctor Lake
  • Pop-Up Park
  • Old Fort Providence
  • Cape Bathurst
  • Ram Plateau
  • Deh Cho Bridge ? 
  • Anderson River Delta Bird Sanctuary
  • Queen Elizabeth Territorial Park
  • Yellowknife
  • Reid Lake Territorial Park
  • Vee Lake
  • Louise Falls
  • Mount Nirvana
  • Down to Earth Gallery
  • Snowking’s Winter Festival
  • Mac the Moose
  • Lady Evelyn Falls

Top 10 best sightseeing in North West Territories Canada ?? 

Nahanni National Park Reserve

Nagano national park Reserve is located in Northwest Territories of canada.The remote Nahanni National Park Reserve is one of the treasures of northern Canada. The raging Nahanni River flows through the stunning canyon scenery of the Mackenzie Mountains, challenging experienced canoeists. The South Nahanni River also tumbles over the 90-meter precipice of Virginia Falls, creating one of the most impressive waterfalls in Canada.

Hot springs, which give life to a rich landscape of rare plants, are another sightseeing attraction in this immense national park.

Wood Buffalo National Parkb

Wood buffalo national park is located in Northwest Territories of Canada .Wood Buffalo National Park is one of the biggest national parks in Canada, and encompasses tracts of land in both Alberta and the Northwest Territories. The park was originally intended to protect the herds of wood buffalo that inhabit the area. It also is a nesting site for extremely rare whooping cranes. Once a fur-trading post, Fort Smith is a launching point for exploring the park, and bison are often spotted from the highway near town.


The Northwest Territories capital, Yellowknife, grew up around a 1930s gold rush. While all of the miners tents of Old Town have been replaced, there is now a mix of wooden heritage buildings, arts and cultural institutions like the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, and a bustling community life fueled by the mining industry. The boat tours and houseboats of Great Slave Lake are tourist favorites, as are the impressive falls at Hidden Lake Territorial Park and stunning Aurora Borealis viewing.

Great Slave Lake

Great slave lake is located in Northwest Territories of Canada .Great Slave Lake is North America’s fifth largest lake, and reaches depths of more than 600 meters. Though it’s frozen for eight months of the year, it sees plenty of action. In summer, house boaters, sailors, and anglers enjoy the freshwater. Come winter, dog sledders race on the frozen surface. Many of the major communities in the Northwest Territories front the lake, including Yellowknife, Fort Providence, and Hay River.

Hay River

Hay river is located in Northwest Territories of Canada.On the southern bank of Great Slave Lake, Hay River is the southernmost port on the Mackenzie River System. Here, freight (mainly building materials and fuel) destined for settlements along the Mackenzie River and in the Arctic is transferred to barges. During the four- to five-month summer season, the port is choc-a-bloc with barges, fishing boats, and coast guard launches.

Long a home to First Nations people, Hay River became the first Hudson’s Bay Company trading post in the area in 1868. The little wooden houses of the old town lie at the mouth of the Hay River. 


Inuvik is located in Northwest Territories of Canada.Place of Man” is the Inuit meaning of Inuvik, a modern settlement in the Arctic Circle and on the Mackenzie River. Built between 1955 and 1961, during the oil and gas exploration, it replaced Aklavik, which was prone to flooding. Today, Inuvik is the trading, administrative, and supply center for the western Arctic. It has an airfield, several schools, and a hospital. From here, the supply planes set off for the exploration bases in the far north (Mackenzie delta, Beaufort Sea). Sightseeing flights over the Arctic also take off from here.

Northwest Passage

 Northwest passage is located in Northwest Territories of Canada.The Northwest Passage provides waterway access from the Atlantic Ocean through the Arctic to the Pacific Ocean. Exploration of the passage began in the 16th century and lead to the discovery of oil. The search for the Northwest Passage began in the 16th century by Dutch and English navigators who hoped to find a favorable sea route for trade with the Far East and thus circumvent the Portuguese monopoly on trade round the Horn of Africa . Martin Frobisher made the first attempt in 1576. He assumed that since saltwater never froze, this could not be the legendary sea of ice but just a frozen lake. In 1585-87 John Davis penetrated through the strait (later to bear his name) as far as Baffin Bay. Henry Hudson was looking for the Northwest Passage when he discovered Hudson Bay in 1609/1610. In 1616, William Baffin got as far as Lancaster Sound, but since he concluded that the Northwest Passage simply did not exist, there was no more exploration for another 200 years.

Great Bear Lake

Great bear lake is located in Northwest Territories of Canada.The eighth largest lake in the world, Great Bear Lake is 240 kilometers long and 400 kilometers across. It is covered with ice for eight months of the year, often as late as July. Its Great Bear River flows into the Mackenzie. The shores of Great Bear Lake are rich in wildlife. Martens are particularly numerous. Grizzly bears roam the shores in summer, and the pinewoods are the haunt of elk in winter. Great Bear Lake has achieved more angling records than any other lake in North America. It is especially famous for its trout, and some of the world’s biggest (weighing up to 65 pounds) have been caught here, as well as top-weight grayling and whitefish. Arctic char can be found in the nearby Tree River. For a fishing tour of Great Bear Lake, hire a guide in Fort Franklin, now known as Deline.

Mackenzie River

Mackenzie river is located in Northwest Territories of Canada.With a length of 4,250 km, the Mackenzie River is the second largest river in North America and its catchment area covers a fifth of Canada. The river was already an important artery for the canoes of the fur trade in the 18th century. and is navigable today in summer by steamers as far upriver as Fort Smith. The Mackenzie Highway was built shortly after the Second World War and is an all-weather road covering the 600 kilometers from Peace River in Alberta to Great Slave Lake and the territorial capital Yellowknife.

Victoria Island

Victoria island is located in Northwest Territories of Canada.Situated directly off the northern coast of mainland Canada, Victoria Island is the third largest in the Canadian Archipelago. It lies well north of the Arctic Circle, where Ice-Age glaciers once flattened a monotonous terrain of moraines, drumlins, and glacial lakes. The creation of the new Territory of Nunavut in 1999 divided the island administratively into two.

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